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Promote Sex Comms and Journals

Show Your Sex

Find and promote sex journals/communities!
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
Ever have trouble finding good sex journals and communites? Want to show your sex journal/community off to a specific audience instead of the dice-rolls of those other promoting communites? Just put a post here in show_sex! But pleeeeaaassse don't post your community a million times in one day. One post per day, thanksomuch!

The Rule! If you promote a community/journal that does not have to do with sex, erotica, et cetera, your post will be deleted. This community was created to help people find sex blogs, NOT rating communities (etc). If people continue to break this I swear this will become a modded community! Once again, it's to help people find and promote sex journals.

If you want your community/journal in the userinfo, post an add for the journal/community in show_sex with the title "Userinfo"


intimatedreams is an erotic literature community. Have your full birthdate posted in your userinfo for your membership to be approved.