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7:31 AM 11/11/09 · The reason you see the date there inside the post is cuz I don't have an internet connection at home and I like folks to know when I actually wrote something, whenever it is I get around to posting it.

I do this in all my journals.

This is my sex journal. Unlike most I've got my main one clearly mentioned on the profile, somewhere or other, cuz frankly I'm not embarrassed about this one and I don't see the need to hide I have a sex journal from people. However, most of this journal is friends only, with the exception of 8 posts for public display that I rarely change every few years.

I've had an active sex journal since 2004. Sadly, the sex life hasn't been so active the last couple years but I still post about sex and occasionally wax nostalgic about the numerous women I've boinked over the years.

Oh yeah, as the icon and 'boinked' may indicate, I'm fairly goofy. Hell a quick read of my profile displays a level of silliness that might surprise some for a sex journal. Also fairly evident in most of my posts.

I'm a black male, though most can't see it as I'm a bit of a mutt, local to the SF Bay Area. I'll be 39 November 24th. In decent shape and devestatingly cute. Not really expecting to make a hookup with anyone, everytime I meet someone promising online they live very FAR away, but I'm not generally opposed. This is a rough, off form, attempt at an add me post.

Oh, also I'm straight...for whatever that's worth. Non·mongamous too, which isn't the same as polyamorous no matter who tells you different.

Generally I post to this journal once a week, sometimes more.

Comment if you want to add me, either here or on my 'friends only' banner. If I don't add you back immediately give me a couple days.

Journals not written in English I generally won't add back as I can't read them. If you're profile is vague to blank and you've got no visible entries I probably won't add you back either, I like to get a sense of who I'm friending.

I don't post naked pics of myself and while I'm really cute...you don't need to see that unless you're wrapped around me. Rarely post much of any pics to this account either, though on occasion I will for those I am having ze sex with if they're cool with it.
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